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Central Louisiana is home to many art galleries where the works of talented local artists and well-known masters are always on display.  Follow this page to keep up with what’s on display now at the Alexandria Museum of Art, the galleries of Central Louisiana Arts and Healthcare, the Weathersby Fine Arts Building Gallery at Louisiana College, and River Oaks Square Arts Center.  Also be sure to read David Holcombe’s fascinating blogs at GalleryCentral for even more information on these and other local art exhibits.



Alexandria Museum of Art


AMoA Logo 02Visit the Alexandria Museum of Art beginning September 2nd to view these four new exhibits.  The Museum of Art is located at 933 Second Street in Alexandria’s Downtown Cultural Arts District.  The Museum is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM Tuesday through Friday and 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays.  Admission may be paid at the door, but also consider purchasing an Alexandria Museum of Art membership for free gallery admission.  Members  also invited to a special opening reception Friday, September 2nd from 6 to 8 PM. 


September 2nd to November 19th, 2016, the Alexandria Museum of Art will feature four exhibits – 29th September Competition, Tierce: Artists of Louisiana Francophone Cultures, Faculty & Friends: Reminiscing, and Beyond Mammy, Jezebel, & Sapphire: Reclaiming Images of Black Women.


The 29th September Competition presented by the Alexandria Museum of Art is an exhibition selected by juror Francis Pavy from national and international submissions highlighting contemporary art practices in all media.


Tierce: Artists of Louisiana Francophone Cultures

Louisiana is full of culture, not least of which is the varied French hiertage throughout the state.  This exhibition will highlight artists from each of the three French speaking cultures of Louisiana, including 29th September Competition juror Francis Pavy.  The AMoA collection includes work by artists with French heritage, as well as a few French artists.  As the French connection has been strong through Louisiana’s history, this influence has continued through to contemporary art.


In its forty year history, the Alexandria Museum of Art has been associated with multiple talented artists in a variety of ways. Faculty & Friends: Reminiscing features thirteen artists who have had a strong connection with the museum at various times in its history.  These artists served the museum as employees, board members, LSUA professors, and volunteers and have played a key role in the success of the museum, no matter their position.

Beyond Mammy, Jezebel, & Sapphire: Reclaiming Images of Black Women

Since the antebellum era, the concept of Black female strength has posed a challenge to ideas of femininity and race. While certainly providing an image of power, the Strong Black Woman role model demands an impossible standard of female behavior; she must eternally be hard-working, long-suffering, ethical, sassy, sexy, and self-reliant.  Stories of Black women’s limitless capacity to nurture others, their willingness to sacrifice for family, their unswerving loyalty, and boundless Earth Mother sexuality abound within historical and contemporary cultural lore. And while inspiring respect and admiration, the Strong Black Woman is ultimately denied the ability to fail, to suffer, to fall from grace – for to demonstrate the human frailty afforded to others is to relinquish her power and become her antithesis: the Victim. The Strong Black Woman thus earns our respect, but not our empathy. Wambui Mwangi puts it thusly: The problem with the myth of the SBW is this. It falsely supposes that SBW have powers, skills and capacities beyond those of ordinary mortals – sort of like super heroes – So much so that their achievements are not as difficult to attain as they would be for others and somehow inhere in the very quality of SBW-ness, itself….Pedestals do not really give one much room to move or to be.”


 Central Louisiana Arts & Healthcare


Central-LA-Arts-Healthcare-300x289Central Louisiana Arts and Healthcare offers exhibits at CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini (3330 Masonic Drive) and Rapides Regional Medical Center (211 Fourth Street).  The CHRISTUS Cabrini Gallery for Reflection and Healing is located on the 1st floor of the Outpatient Center across the hall from Radiology.  The Rapides Regional Art Gallery is located in the South Tower between the lobby and the Emergency Room.  Read below for more details on this month’s exhibits.

Opening receptions for Central Louisiana Arts & Healthcare’s 7th Annual Paint Pink Art Exhibit will be held Friday, September 30th. Rapides Regional Medical Center will host their reception outside the gallery at 10 am and the Cabrini Cancer Center will host their reception outside the gallery at 1 pm. The receptions will offer a first glimpse of these special exhibits, refreshments will be served and you will be able to find out information about breast cancer resources in our community.

The Paint Pink exhibit features local artists and commemorates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All art is for sale and the exhibit is free and open to the public. This special exhibit will be on display at both hospital galleries throughout the month of October.


 River Oaks Square Arts Center


River Oaks Logo 01Visit River Oaks Square Arts Center starting August 26th to view these three new exhibits.  The opening is Friday, December 4th from 5 to 7 PM.  River Oaks is located at 1330 Second Street in Alexandria’s Downtown Cultural Arts District.  River Oaks is open daily from 10 AM to 4 PM Tuesday through Friday and 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays.  Admission may be paid at the door.  Or, show your support by becoming a Member or Corporate Member of River Oaks Square Arts Center.


Exhibit Dates: August 26 – October 1, 2016

Opening Reception Friday, August 26 5-7pm

Bolton Davis Gallery
“Louisiana Cotton: From Representation to Abstraction“

By: Caroline Youngblood


Stokes Harris Gallery
“Purified Pathways”

By: J.J. Savage


Galerie des Amis
“Art of the Lens”

By: The Photographers Guild